Simchas Chassan v’Kallah

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your wonderful publication which enhances my Shabbos every week. I wanted to bring to your readers attention an issue that I have noticed during this trying time. Baruch Hashem we have many chassanim and kallahs who have dealt gracefully with the very difficult challenge of getting married with the smallest and simplest of chasunos, without the participation of beloved family members and close friends.

I’m sure that many of your readers have missed participating in these chasunos of their own close friends and relatives. But baruch Hashem the couples have put the kedushah of marriage above the frills and we daven that in that zechus they merit an extra measure of siyatta diShmaya as they begin to build their bayis ne’eman b’Yisroel.

I know couples who have gotten married in this difficult period. In addition to the pain of not having been able to celebrate with close friends and relatives present, they must now face another nisayon. In the absence of a formal chasunah they will have received few gifts, thus denying them of the nest egg most couples rely on as they begin their new life.

I would like to suggest that all your readers think to themselves about the couples they know personally and feel close to who got married under the difficult circumstances of the past weeks. If under normal circumstances, they would have celebrated in person and given a gift, I humbly suggest that they send a warm mazel tov and a gift despite the lack of a formal simchah.

This seemingly small act can go a long way in the mitzvah of simchas chassan v’kallah!