Shot First, Ask Questions Later?

It is with shock that I view the speed at which people are lining up to take the vaccine, to the point of forcing the issue.

Last week a tefillah was published to say while taking the vaccine. That tefillah — which one is supposed to recite each time we take any medicine — is always important.

But so is doing proper research before taking this vaccine, which was rolled out very quickly.

The media has been brainwashing people into believing that “if only” they get the vaccine, they will be healed of COVID forever. It is simply not true. Masks will still be required, as well as social distancing, and there is no guarantee that it will stop transmission.

I can fully understand why a person who is high-risk, whether elderly or with a medical condition, should want to be among the first to get the vaccine. But young, healthy people, especially those who already had the virus, shouldn’t be in such a rush.

It would be prudent for everyone to consult their personal physician — and then, based on what he or she says, seek a daas Torah about what to do.

Hashem should protect us from anything that could be harmful, always.

Esther Tomasz