‘Shabbos Treats’ or Junk Food?

I’m not going to take sides in the vaccination controversy; I’ll leave that to the medical profession. I will comment on another area that I believe affects the health of our young children. I’ve been told that there are more children than ever suffering from autism. The only difference between this generation and the previous one is the amount of food coloring in our food. You can even find food coloring (red number 40) in yogurt that is manufactured specifically for children.

These children’s brains are still developing, and the amount of junk food on the market is unprecedented. Most of this junk food is manufactured in China where there is little oversight or quality control. There have been stories in the past of non-kosher baby food from China having automotive oil in the ingredients.

Parents need to make a conscious effort to read the ingredients on food they offer their children. I believe all the unhealthy chemicals found in food, especially the massive amount of junk food, under the guise of “Shabbos treats” being given to young children, whose brains are still developing, is definitely having a detrimental effect on them.