Seize the Moment

When you have an opportunity to visit your loved one, don’t delay, don’t hesitate.

My mother was discharged to a rehab last week. I, baruch Hashem, accompanied her in the ambulette from the hospital to the rehab and made sure she was settled in. The very next day, the rehab instituted a no-visitor policy (with no exceptions) due to the coronavirus. They want to protect the sick and elderly who are under their care. I’m not sure if it was their own internal decision or a mandate from the NY Department of Health. It doesn’t matter. At this time, I cannot visit my mother.

It is a heartbreaking, pitiful situation. My mother has dementia and I don’t know if she will understand why, all of a sudden, I’m not visiting. She is weak; she is sick, with various issues; she is legally blind; and she can’t walk. I’m hoping that somehow, with Hashem’s help, she won’t feel that I have abandoned her.

Be mindful: When you’re able to visit those close to you, your loved ones, go! Don’t hesitate, don’t delay, don’t make yourself scarce. Be there — as much as possible — be there if you can.