Safe In-Person Voting Is Possible

I am annoyed that nobody is pointing out that it is possible to safely vote with social distancing if the government wanted it to happen. Here is how it can be done:

1. Set up all polling locations outdoors under a large tent. The tent will hold the poll workers, the booths to mark the ballot (separated by at least 10 feet) and the machines to count the votes. Use public school yards or block off streets.

2. Set up lanes separated by 6 feet using police barriers. Each lane should be for one election district. Mark 6-foot distances on the floor using colored spots. Security in this area could be provided by the National Guard if there aren’t enough police officers available.

3. Instead of mailing everyone a mail-in ballot, mail everyone a large sheet of paper with their name, address and election district. They should use this to get into the proper lane and hold it up for the poll workers to see as they approach the table. This will reduce the need to talk.

4. The rest of the voting should be as normal.

Shalom Reich, Brooklyn, N.Y.