For Whom Did the Rosh Yeshivah Stand Up?

I was greatly saddened by the passing of the Stoliner Rosh Yeshivah, Harav Chaim Baruch Wolpin, zt”l. When I think of the Wolpins, both Rav Nisson and Rav Chaim Baruch, it brings memories of my grandmother, who shared an apartment with their mother.

At the wedding of one of Rabbi Wolpin’s daughters, I went up to the dais to give mazel tov.

The Rosh Yeshivah stood up and said, “I’m standing up for you.”

I was shocked and asked, “Why me?”

He said, “The way you treated your bubby, the kavod and the love you showed her, deserves standing up for.”

All this had receded from my memory since so many years had passed since her petirah.

I had a deep love for this bubby, for despite the fact that she could hardly see or walk, she never complained. Her room faced the back, so there was little sunshine in her life.

How did Bubby spend her day? She spent every waking moment in conversation with her Creator. She constantly davened for her children, their children and for future generations. How can I not have loved this person? I have no doubt Hashem loved her as well. She has not stopped praying; all of us see it.

So, Rav Wolpin, thank you for mentioning the remarkable relationship I had with my dear grandmother. I will never forget that a great Rosh Yeshivah stood up for me, but in my heart I realize you were standing up for my Bubby, who was so influential in my life.

Thank you,

Devorah Leitner