Right On!

The article by Faigy Grunfeld (Nov. 8, 2017) “The Right Resistance: Is Education a ‘Right’?” was really great! She got some of the most prominent leaders of the American conservative movement in one place to comment about the single-most important challenge confronting the Orthodox community in the 21st century. Aid societies and soup kitchens can help with all our community’s needs, but the only solution to the tuition crisis lies with government. The fact that it is society’s job to ensure everyone has an education has been recognized by Chazal for 3,000 years, and by Western governments for the past two centuries. The question of how to do that has torn apart the already-fierce liberal-conservative divide. It is truly a scoop for Hamodia to publish the thoughts of these great conservative leaders. The next step is to develop strategies on how to get a governing majority to come up with practical solutions.

Yochonon Donn