Remember Who’s in Charge

In “Privileged Information” (Hamodia Prime, Oct. 24, 2019) it says, “If each of these terror organizations set aside just $1 million for drones, costing $1,000 a piece, they could each purchase 100,000 advanced drones.”

To me, 1 million divided into 1,000 = 1,000, not 100,000.

I like your articles; it’s one of the features I make sure to read every week. I cannot say that I always enjoy them; not always do they have such good news. One thing we should always remember is that there is Someone who is on top of all this and He is the one who controls everything to the tiniest detail. Should we forget this, then we are in real trouble.

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Gavriel Meir responds:

Thank you for pointing out the error. As a right brain-dominant person I’ve always found math to be challenging.

In any event, as you noted, 1,000 drones in the hands of each of these terror groups bordering Israel pose a very serious threat.