Publicizing Our Yeshuah

I would like to share with your readers something that happened to me that I hope will happen to others as well. A few years ago, in a letter to the editor of the Hebrew daily Hamodia, a yungerman wrote that after being married a few years without being blessed with children, he had gone to his Rebbe for a brachah. His Rebbe had recommended that he learn the inyan of Yetzias Mitzrayim in Sefer Ohr Hachaim after the Seder. The yungerman was blessed with a child that same year and shared the good news with Hamodia’s readers.

My parents saw this letter and, since I too needed a yeshuah, they recommended that I try the segulah. After the Seder, I opened the Ohr Hachaim to Parashas Bo, where the words V’higadeta l’vincha jumped out at me. Studying the Ohr Hachaim, I saw that the mechaber explained that if a person doesn’t have a son, he is patur from this tzivui. However, the holy Ohr Hachaim adds that if a person delves into this inyan, he will merit fulfilling the mitzvah with his own son.

I was overwhelmed when I read this and promised myself that if this segulah worked for me, I would publicize it. Baruch Hashem, the Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh’s brachah was fulfilled for us this year. I hope whoever needs a yeshuah will follow this segulah and also be zocheh to be mekayem this mitzvah of v’higadeta l’vincha.

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