Protection Through Tehillim

Esther Miller Bais Yaakov High School of St. Louis was inspired to respond to Mrs. Lichtenstein’s editorial (“Not Because of Me,” Hamodia Prime, Dec. 18, 2019) in accepting kabbalos that will impact our lives and help us improve our ways in memory of the Kedoshim of the most recent attacks.

We are a vibrant school of 40 students from ninth through twelfth grade in St. Louis, Missouri.

After brainstorming and discussion we have accepted (bli neder) two things:

  1. Every day, we have been saying a perek Tehillim after davening. We start on the first day of school with Alef and continue until the end of the year. We have added this idea: One student says a few words of introduction about the perek we are about to recite (usually written above the perek) so we can apply it to our lives.
  2. We have taken the set of booklets that have Tehillim divided and placed them in the cafeteria. Each booklet has a sticky note. Anyone can pick up a booklet and say a few perakim and mark where they finished off. When the booklet is completed, it is placed in the “finished” box. We hope to daven the entire Tehillim each week!

Thanks for your encouragement to stay connected and to grow — even though we are far away.

EMBY, St. Louis

Kudos to the Esther Miller Bais Yaakov from St. Louis Missouri. We welcome more schools from around the globe to share such activities. – Ed.