Protect the Freedom To Teach Religion

Thank you for addressing the critical threat that is currently facing the yeshivah system in New York State. One of the most important freedoms enjoyed in our magnanimous host country, the United States of America, is freedom of religion. We can’t very well practice our religion freely, if our ability to educate our children according to our holy mesorah, and supported by our own funds, comes under the scrutiny of a secular government entity. It is ironic — and most obviously hashgachah pratis — that the state with the largest concentration of observant Jews in the U.S., New York, is the first one to embrace efforts to uproot the moral values and teachings that have sustained society for thousands of years. Under the guise of liberalism and humanitarian concerns, an evil campaign is underway to undermine Torah-true chinuch — and ultimately mitzvah observance — in the United States, with New York state just being the first state to impose new and unacceptably undemocratic standards on yeshivah education.

We must recognize the danger, come together as one, regardless of the slight differences in our customs, and fight this very real danger before it chokes us off, chas v’shalom, from the Eitz Chaim, our living Torah.

R. Guttman

Sheimos Alert: A photo on page 22 of the Community section (Dec 13) has the word spelled alef lamed yud. Please treat the paper accordingly.