Preying on Jewish Teens

The opinion by Avraham Dov Greenbaum, “Caution: Dangerous Substances” (Prime, Feb. 12), is long overdue. The adults who prey on teenagers, using them to transport evil substances all over the world, should be identified. They use the “foolish” teenagers’ need for independence and money to expose them to a nightmare they could never possibly envision.

To quote the article, “It’s very tempting on the one hand … Foolish teenagers tend to fall for temptations … It could cover the costs of their tickets to Lizhensk or Kerestir …”

The scary thing is that because they are told that it’s just for one or two days, the bachurim or girls sometimes don’t even tell their parents about the upcoming trip. The parents only know their child is in yeshivah or seminary.

The potential ramifications of such a scenario are devastating.

It is not enough just to warn parents and, hopefully, the teens themselves. Steps must be taken to find the culprits, who sit comfortably in their homes and live their lives while stealing the lives of their prey.

The problem is that the predators look like regular people, going on with their double lives, displaying one face to the public while hiding their true intentions. If they didn’t look like people the kids were familiar with, they probably would not have agreed to transport the substances.

For the sake of the frum teens still being targeted, I hope your words will reach them in time to save their lives, with Hashem’s help.

Esther Horowitz