Politics as Usual

There is no doubt that politically. “prolonged rule brings about corruptibility.” But there is equally no doubt that General Gantz as the campaigner to replace the long-ruling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has major political negatives.& He has been advised not to continue to reveal the highly dangerous plans for Israel’s security imperatives that he had been engaged in.

It is regrettable but true that generals have been notoriously wrong as political leaders. The classic example is General Ariel Sharon forcefully removing civilians and soldiers from Gaza, thus endangering Israelis living near the border bcause of Palestinians sending rockets and inflamed balloons and making inveterate efforts to invade Israel via tunnels to kidnap Israelis.

Lapid as the co-campaigner would be the worst choice for Israel’s frum sector; political disaster was evident during his father’s anti-chareidi rule.

The decision by Attorney General Mandelblit to indict Netanyahu despite the pertinent appeals to wait until after the election exposes more than a hint of bias from a “one-time friend and loyal aide.”

The apparent disaffection of Bibi by A.G. Mandelblit must be vigorously rejected by a well-informed Israeli electorate.

Fay Dicker, Lakewood, N.J.