More Polish Anti-Semitism

I wish to express my shock when I read in Hamodia on March 1 that the father of the Polish President declared recently that Jews moved to the ghettos in Poland “of their own accord.” What a sheer lie!

I am a survivor who was in the Cracow Ghetto, and I remember well how my family members wept over the fact that we had to leave behind our apartment with its luxurious furniture and other valuables, and move to the slum of Podgórze, which the Germans chose as a new Jewish residence. Many houses there were neglected, without basic comforts, a place where mice and rats and poor sanitation were our fate. The density of its population was unbearable. So, is that the reason Jews moved to the Ghetto “of their own accord”?!

Mr. K. Moraweicki should be defined as a super-Holocaust-denier! He can’t fool all the historians; even the Germans didn’t dare invent such a story.

The Poles were great anti-Semites through the ages, and are nice only when they profit from Jewish tourism.


Mrs. R. Abramowitz, Israel