“Poetic Justice”

Regarding the editorial, “Poetic Justice” (Features, Jan. 23, 2019), it is undeniable that the U.S. and Israel are “close partners” under the aegis of past presidents, due to their “shared values, common goals, and deep mutual admiration.” However this remarkable bond did not include the Obama years, whereas your editorial depicts his “concern for the safety of Israeli citizens despite harboring intense disagreement with the Netanyahu government over the peace process,” a concern which was only infrequently validated.

Israel paid consequential costs for Obama’s 10-year MOU — Memorandum of Understanding — which was negotiated in the twilight of his presidency, to Israel’s detriment. Among its conditions was the requirement that 100 percent of the FMF — Foreign Military Funds — as opposed to 75 percent in the previous pact must be spent in the U.S., leading to major lay-offs at Israeli arms companies, but more ominously making Israel dependent on future presidents’ whims or biases to replace parts or make needed adjustments.

An additional restriction was to preclude any attempt by Israel to appeal to Congress, whose members had given Netanyahu a warm welcome, for assistance in challenging any aspect of the MOU.

The heart-wrenching prayer, Hashem Yishmor Aleinu, is more potent than any wishful thinking on our part.

Faye Dicker, lakewood, Nj