Planting the Seeds That Will Soon Bloom

During this time, when everyone is stuck at home and spending lots of time on the computer and phone, it is a good time to go through our contacts and try to find shidduchim for singles.

Even if they cannot go out right now, we can all use the additional time to reach out to our different social circles and mention singles’ names.

B’ezras Hashem, this will all be over soon, and then we can start having them meet. But even now, when not much can be done in terms of dating, let us collectively use our time and our phone/email/etc. to simply reach out to family and friends we haven’t been in touch with for long to say, “I know this great girl/boy from work/shul/etc. Here’s some information. Can you think of anyone shayach?”

As in normal times, perhaps most people won’t have an immediate answer. But even if one or two do, that’s a start. And if even one shidduch is made, ashreinu! (Halevai more!)

How wonderful it would be if our nation of chessed could plant the seeds during this time so that, b’ezras Hashem, when it’s over, the fruits that were planted will be in full bloom. Besuros tovos to all of Klal Yisrael, and the world.

A Reader