Peace and Healing — Unless We’re Talking About Israel

In the January 15 edition of Hamodia, I was saddened to read the article of the obstruction from the BDS movement regarding the Ancient Roots Herbal Conference that is to take place in Israel.

As I continued reading the article I was further disappointed by the politicization of a conference for a society that pursues health using natural herbs and activities which promote peace, happiness and acceptance.

That the attack came from Shabina Lafleur-Gangji, a Canadian herbalist who had recently been hired as the editor of the Journal of the American Herbalists’ Guild, was quite oxymoronic.

One would presume in the name of acceptance of all humanity and nations that she would leave personal politics and prejudice outside the arena, but as we see from her own words she seems to have a different agenda, “Change needs to happen, our various traditions, histories and futures can no longer be sidelined. My goal as the editor is to ensure our stories are at the center of the conversation, to uplift each other’s work, to inspire one another and build a future where resistance, resilience and respect are honored.” Who is resisting and when do respect and honor come first when pursuing peace?

It is just another twisted attempt by the BDS movements and its cohorts to sow strife and animosity where there should be none. The question is: How long will they continue to do so without resistance from the ‘peaceful’ ones in society?

Esther Horowitz