I write this upon the recent passing of my beloved mother, Rebbetzin Gita Cohen, a”h.

The yearning is overpowering, the feeling so strong: I would give anything in the world just to speak with her again.

Why is this so?

There is no greater joy than just talking with someone who you know loves you as much as life itself. Who took care of your every need and was consumed with love for you from the moment you were born until this very day. Who had no greater pleasure in the world than just being with you.

So why didn’t I yearn so greatly for the ultimate pleasure of speaking with her, until now?

Because I never focused on all this.

What a shame! Now it is too late.

But there is Someone else with Whom I speak every day. Who I know loves me just as my mother did. Who took care of my every need from before I was born until today. Who created the entire universe and took care of it all of these years for my sake, as Chazal say, “Each and every person is obligated to say: ‘All of the Universe was created for me’” (Sanhedrin 37a). Who has said, “Tell My children what I do when they recite the Kedushah prayer, and teach them to raise their eyes to the Heavens… For I have no greater pleasure in My universe than at that time, when their eyes are lifted to the Heavens and My eyes are looking at them. At that time I grab hold of My holy throne, at the image of Yaakov, and hug it and kiss it and speak of and hasten their redemption” (Tur, Orach Chaim 125).

Though a parent’s love for a child knows no bounds, he actually thinks about and feels this love only a few times each day, as the human mind is unable to focus on many things at once.

However, He has no such limitations. His thoughts never wander from the feeling of His love for us 24/7/365.

So why don’t I feel the pleasure of speaking with Him three times each day?

Because I don’t focus on it.

Is there a greater shame than feeling the loss of a Parent, Who in reality is alive and well and yearning for you to connect with Him?

We spend at least an hour each day conversing with our Parent. We can change our lives by merely focusing on what we are doing and with Whom we are speaking.

Baruch Hashem — in this case it is still not too late!

A Loving Son