Over and Done With

President Donald Trump has indeed done so many great things for our community, and we owe him hakaras hatov.

But it’s quite sad to see how so many people are getting caught up in this “stolen election” foolishness.

Court after court — state, federal, district, appellate, Supreme Court, liberal judges, conservative judges, even judges appointed by Trump himself — have declared that there is no proof of significant fraud.

Of course, in an election with over 150 million votes cast, some level of fraud is inevitable — this year and every year. Anyone who says there was not a single fraudulent vote is, of course, fantasizing.

But it is equally true that there is no evidence whatsoever of any significant number of fraudulent votes nearly at the level that Trump would need to turn the election in enough states to get the 270 votes.

Trump made it clear already back in 2016 that if he loses, it is only because of fraud. He had this excuse planned from Day 1. He can’t accept a loss. We always knew that about him. But it’s sad to see so many others acting like that.

Biden is president-elect. The people have spoken. That’s democracy.

David Harris, Milwaukee