Out of Our Circle

I want to comment on something I just saw that disturbed me a lot. A video is circulating of a chasunah, with Jewish musicians and everything, and a very modern, catchy song being played. The song, which originates from a lowly Spanish song, was sung in Hebrew, but every so often a Spanish word was repeated. I watched the video very sadly, the musicians playing wholeheartedly, the singer doing his part with much simchah, and the dancers dancing a very lively chassidic tantz — and it got me thinking: If they only knew what they are singing! How in the world was that song sneaked into our circles? Who brought it to our camp?

If anyone saw that video and can say what chasunah it is, or if someone has an orchestra or is a singer or has any relatives or friends in that field or in Jewish music stores, please let them know to beware of that song. It is a very lowly and foul one. I would even say that such a song must be banned from being played at our simchos, in our stores and in our homes.

It is a shame that we have allowed our urge and taste for more modern and trendy music to infiltrate our circles; there is no question that it will affect us.


Vicky Credi, Mexico City