Our Precious Children

Thank you for printing Ms. McCray’s opinion (July 26, page 9). The tragedies she alludes to are endemic in society at large and, as we know, have also pierced the fabric of our fragile society.

As a retired person living in Boro Park, I have more time to observe the scene. I see too many frum boys in the streets at all hours. I wonder: Why aren’t they in yeshivah? What are they doing? Are their programs too demanding or uninspiring for them? What is or is not going on at home?

I see mothers endlessly on their phones. I once saw a young woman wheeling her baby and talking to her child. I commended her. She said, “What could be more interesting?”

I observe fathers walking to shul with their sons. What are most doing? Not usually talking to their sons. Some are saying Brachos. Some are saying Tehillim or learning. Some are just silent. Sometimes, a father is holding his son’s hand or engaging him in conversation … just sometimes.

I worry for this generation.

Mrs. S. Zakon