On Supporting the NYPD

In Reuven Borchardt’s interview with NYPD Detective Union Chief Paul Digiacomo (“NYPD ‘Abandoned’ by City Officials,” News, June 10, 2020/18 Sivan 5780), the chief felt that “detectives were put in harm’s way … Police are having urine, rocks and Molotov cocktails thrown at them. … Close to 300 of our members have been injured. There are laws in place (to protect us which the DA is not prosecuting). Almost all elected officials are demonizing us … We feel abandoned … We sent out a message to our members (of the NYPD) to have the least amount of interaction with the public that is necessary to fulfill official duties. … I ask the people of this city to support the police … There is a fine line between stores being broken into and these criminals coming into your residence… Once you lose law and order, we could lose everything.”

In Washington, D.C., there is a monument noting that our country is a country of laws, not of men. However, in these turbulent times, laws are being unevenly and selectively applied, protecting people of questionable motives while punishing the police.

Gemara Brachos (60a) discusses the case of an ungoverned or corrupted city. There are special tefillos to say when entering and exiting, as one should not take his safety for granted. Moreover, Chazal tell us that without fear of Heaven, man would swallow his peer alive.

If we don’t support the NYPD, the ensuing crisis could, chas v’shalom, eclipse all the crises we have had until now. We cannot afford to allow New York City to become the ungoverned city described by Chazal. We need to stand up and unequivocally express our support for the NYPD, thank them at every opportunity, buy them coffee, set up and sign all supporting petitions and keep them in our prayers.

It would be a tremendous kiddush Hashem if whenever one sees a member of the police force, he would approach him and say, “Thank you for putting yourself in harm’s way to keep us safe. We are deeply grateful.”

Thank you, NYPD! We are forever grateful.

Thank you, Hamodia! We always look forward to timely and quality coverage.

Mrs. Ilana Orange