Off Limits

Let me preface this letter by stating that I am over 60, so I live in quite a different generation. I will also let you know that I grew up in Manhattan, and in my days, Times Square was treif, so I could not fathom that many of our brethren — chassidish as well — would take their children on Chol Hamoed to a museum located in the heart of Times Square! I was told that it was indoors, but the fact is that most people were waiting for an extended period of time on line to get in, and I don’t believe that they stood there with their heads down, not looking at the sights and sounds. Is that what we are exposing our children to? We try to shield our precious little children from pritzus — and yet we consider taking them to such places because it is Chol Hamoed?

Not to mention the expense of these events!

And do we have to entertain our children every day?

It seems that people spend as much on Chol Hamoed trips and entertainment as they do for the Yom Tov itself. Yes, I am of another generation and I think we have to rethink our priorities and what simchas Yom Tov is all about.

Thank you for letting me express my opinion and thank you for your wonderful newspaper and supplements for Yom Tov.

Fay S., Brooklyn