Notice Hashem’s Blessings

Every month I try to inspire others with a kiddush Hashem story. This one happened to a client of mine.

Although we live in the 21st century, we still have in our midst some angels masquerading as people. Here is the story of “Menachem” (not real name), my Holocaust survivor client.

Menachem was a young but large teenager who lied to the Nazis and told them he was 18; this enabled him to be sent to do slave labor instead of the crematorium. While in Auschwitz, he made the observation that when others gave up on life, they would often die afterwards. Therefore, he made it his business to go around giving inmates chizuk. While doing this, he actively sabotaged the Nazis at every opportunity, in order to stop their production lines and give other inmates a chance to rest and live to see another day.

When I visited him, he spoke constantly about the importance of gratitude. It meant the world to him that I should pass on the message to anyone who would listen — about how grateful people have to be for all their blessings. This survivor had an endless number of things to complain about but …. he didn’t. Wow.

Mrs. Ilana Orange, The Kiddush Hashem Gemach