No Child Left Behind — For the Siyum

My husband is a kitah beis Rebbi. He did not go to the Siyum, as he feels he has an achrayus to the yeshivah and to his talmidim. His decision did not change even after our son was, baruch Hashem, chosen to sing in the choir at the Siyum HaShas.

To bring the Siyum to his talmidim, my husband did two things: He took his talmidim to the closest bus stop of buses leaving for the Siyum so they could see the crowds leaving, and he bought nosh and made a siyum with his talmidim, with singing and so on.

No child should be left out of the Siyum!!

Thank you again for the coverage of the Siyum HaShas before and after.

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