No Apologies for Self-Defense

Prime Minister Netanyahu often strongly criticizes Abbu Mazen for providing funds to terrorists and their families. The more damage the terrorists do to Israelis, the more the Palestinian Authority pays for it.

We often hear that funding terror is morally corrupt and supports terror. Well, Netanyahu did the same thing he preaches against! You might be wondering what I am talking about. I will explain. I will start by reminding you of an event that took place one year ago:

In Amman, a Jordanian Arab was called to the apartment of the Israeli embassy staff for the purpose of installing a cabinet. The worker/terrorist tried to stab an Israeli security guard in the back, injuring him. In order to save his own life and protect the staff of the embassy, the Israeli security guard did his job and responded. While under attack, he eliminated the terrorist and accidentally killed the landlord of the apartment, who had accompanied the “worker.” When the security guard returned to Israel, Netanyahu greeted him warmly and praised him publicly, saying how we in Israel are proud of him for fending off the terror attack.

Jordan refused to reopen the embassy for the past year. A deal was recently made where Israel paid several million dollars in compensation to the families of the Jordanian citizens who were killed in the incident. Yes, you are reading right: BOTH families received major compensation. The Israeli government is funding the terrorist’s family to the tune of several million dollars, just as the PA does.

By the way, Netanyahu thanked the U.S. mediators for working out this deal that will get the Israeli embassy running again. President Trump also criticized the Palestinian Authority’s funding of terrorists. The Americans are also hypocritical here. Also, how is our peace partner Jordan encouraging peace by insisting on Israel’s apologizing for killing a poor … terrorist?

My main criticism, though, is not directed against the U.S. or Jordan. I am embarrassed by Netanyahu’s paying compensation to the terrorist’s family, like Abu Mazen does. This is similar to Netanyahu’s compensating the Turkish terrorists for the IDF fending off a large terror attack on the boat a few years ago. We should not apologize for self-defense.

Kalman Feder, Nof Ayalon