Netanyahu and Gantz

There are a number of valid reasons why the law proposed by Blue and White to block an indicted person from becoming prime minister may not be such a good idea for the various parties. For one thing, Benny Gantz, whose former company is now subject to a criminal probe, may find this prospective law, which is clearly designed to block Binyamin Netanyahu from forming a government, applying to him as well. Even more worrisome, it would give the judicial system the ability to topple politicians they don’t like.

For Torah Jews, the notion of a Gantz-led government is downright frightening, and the results of the latest round of elections showed that Gantz’s popularity is significantly less than Netanyahu’s.

However, the claim by Netanyahu that the proposed new law somehow subverts the decision of the populace is absurd. A clear majority of Israeli voters voted for parties who did not promise a Netanyahu-led government, whether they voted for the left or for Liberman. Granted, Netanyahu and his allies comfortably won the Jewish vote. But the reality is that Israel prides itself on being the only democracy in the Middle East and the Arab right to vote is the primary proof that Israel is a democracy. The proposed new law represents the majority of voters.

If Israel does go to a fourth round of elections, it would seem to be high time for both Netanyahu and Gantz to step aside and allow other candidates a chance to convince voters that they are worthy of the job. Each of these two gentlemen had three chances and struck out. The time has come to move on.

Yisrael Schwartz, Yerushalayim