My Thoughts on Corona

In faraway China, a virus breaks out,

Coronavirus — what’s that about?

But it turns out this virus can be quite severe,

People are dying; it’s become a true fear.

It seems its quite catching, but no one’s sure why,

Can’t find its cause or cure, much as they try.

Then the scary corona continues to tread;

Past China’s border the virus has spread.

The Health Department tries to protect its leak —

Anyone exposed is quarantined for two weeks.

Although of course we don’t want the virus to roam,

Quarantined families are going crazy stuck at home.

Somehow still making its way around,

In many countries, corona is found.

Avoid touching your face and wash your hands well,

Because where germs are found we really can’t tell.

In an attempt to fight germs, everyone tries

To buy hand soap, Purell and all cleaning supplies.

But shelves empty out of stock in the stores,

The online sellers announce that they have no more.

A bottle of Purell goes for seventy-five bucks,

And after that, sorry, but you’re out of luck.

The virus has come, but to what extent?

Each country’s leaders try to prevent.

Israel announces their borders are closed —

They don’t want guests who may have been exposed.

Gatherings of over a hundred must come to an end.

Don’t all catch corona from one unhealthy friend!

People are quickly attempting to arrange —

Will simchah and Yom Tov plans all have to change?

If a kallah’s in one place and a chassan another,

Is there any way to get to each other?

And can the chasunah even happen at all

If there can’t be so many gathered in one hall?

Purim’s here, but in crowded places try not to go.

Don’t hold hands when you dance, just use your elbows.

Then America announces its border’s shut too,

Although, for now, citizens they’re still letting through.

If borders are closing, who can just stay?

Bachurim in yeshivos all set out on their way.

Seminaries close right in the middle of their year.

Flights are chartered to bring our girls near.

Travel agents’ phones are ringing off the hook,

But what to do if there are no more tickets to book?!

Businesses make plans to have everyone work at their own place

So as not to have too many germs in shared workspace.

Governments continue to make all-new rules.

Will we also have to close all our schools?

Each ask their own she’eilos, and in some cities and towns,

Schools and chadarim are being shut down.

Conferences are set up. Some are teaching by Skype.

Limud haTorah won’t end because of all of the hype.

People are stuck where they don’t want to be,

Some miss a relative’s levayah, or, on the flip, a new baby.

Many people’s parnassahs slow or stop.

The value of the stock market continues to drop.

And what I wrote until now can be nothing in a minute,

Because who knows what’s next when we’re still living in it?

But through all this madness, the lesson let’s seek.

What is the message corona does speak?

We think that we know just where we stand;

We all have our lives carefully planned.

But in a matter of days, and with nary a sound,

Invisible germs sneak all around,

And suddenly the world seems to upend.

We no longer know what’s around the bend.

Perhaps Hashem just wants to show

That all along, truly, we never did know.

From the tiniest germ through the giant sun,

In control of the world there is only One.

We think we know. We plan. We decide.

But it is time to realize He runs the ride.

Relinquish your hold. Instead to the Torah hold strong,

And make sure you’ve got your Tehillim along.

Perhaps when we all realize He’s in the lead,

Then Moshiach can come reunite us with great speed.

M. Klein