Mrs. Ruchel Adams, A”h

I was grateful to read the tribute in Hamodia by Chana Rochel Rubinstein to her aunt, Mrs. Ruchel Adams, a”h. (“Community,” June 24, 2020)

I think Ruchel embodied traits that encapsulated the Lower East Side of Manhattan some 50 years ago: honesty, integrity, ehrlichkeit, living in shalom among all Yidden, and, paramount — goals of ruchniyus surmounting gashmiyus.

I was fortunate to have Ruchel as a dear friend and classmate; friendships forged in school are ones to be cherished. I remember many an evening and/or sleep-over at the Pfeffer apartment when we studied (or didn’t), and how an atmosphere of kindness and calm permeated her home.

We lived in separate areas of the country, but distance did not diminish our closeness, and when we saw each other, which was infrequently, we could always pick up where we left off. I could always rely on her good sense and seichel — wonderful attributes in a friend. And how we could laugh together!

Mrs. Rubinstein described what a baalas chessed Ruchel was. I can attest that her “heart of gold” was cultivated in the home of her parents. And the exemplary kibbud av v’eim that Rochel later modelled, she witnessed growing up, as her parents cared for her elderly grandparents.

I grieve over the loss of this eim b’Klal Yisrael with, ybl”c, her husband, parents, children, sisters and extended family. Yehi zichrah baruch.

Mrs. Goldie (née Feinberg) Kace