To the “Mother of the Cheering Squad”

Regarding the letter “Dear Mothers” published in the February 6 edition of Features, I am heartbroken at your response to the distraught grandmother regarding cheering at a school production. I feel the need to pen my thoughts, as your response is completely out of place. The distraught grandmother did not imply that the audience should never applaud or share their warm feelings. She only addressed the “when” and “how” it should be done.

We unfortunately live in a world of “instant gratification” — if girls feel the need to cheer at just that moment, so be it. If they feel the need to shout at an inappropriate volume when a kallah comes in to dance (’cause they’re so excited for her!) so be it. I believe we need to inculcate our Bnos Yisrael with Torah values of self-control and derech eretz and thinking before reacting unfittingly.

If you feel the need for your daughters to give off energy in a positive way, by all means. Please send them to Bounce U, Urban Air, and other places set up for such activity. Don’t teach them that ruining a production is the way to go. A school production is the school’s property. You’re paying for the privilege of watching it, not ruining it. The accolades can be saved for after the production. It will be just as heartwarming for the girls then.

A Yiddishe Mama