Thank you for your beautiful front-page coverage (September 27, 2017) of Misaskim’s recent Tefillah Asifah.

I asked Misaskim’s founder, Rabbi Yanky Meyer, why he put so much emphasis into this seemingly “not the usual Misaskim” activity; he told me the following amazing story:

In 1997, soon after the 10th Siyum HaShas, he organized the third annual Asifah. The Asifah was for schoolchildren only, but when he arrived, he found an elderly Jew sitting in the front row.

Rabbi Meyer gingerly approached him to see if he could get him to move. It wasn’t working. The man asked him, why should he move?

Rabbi Meyer responded that it was reserved for children.

The man then reached into his pocket and pulled out a faded black-and-white photo of two children.

“You see these boys?” he asked. “They were my children. The Nazis killed them. They will be here today and I came to see them.”

Rabbi Meyer could barely speak as he then asked him to join in leading the davening.

Rabbi Yosef C. Golding, CEO, Misaskim