Miracle on the Hudson

I was surprised to see a term on the front cover of the Tuesday, January 15, daily of Hamodia. The story was about the tenth anniversary of the “Miracle on the Hudson,” when Captain “Sully” Sullenberger managed to land his plane safely on the Hudson River after both engines were knocked out. One of the passengers recalled everything about “the cold January day he cheated death.”

This story was from AP, from whom I expect nothing better, but I would not have expected it to appear on the front page of “the newspaper of Torah Jewry.” We know that no one “cheats death.” Yes, Captain Sullenberger deserves credit for his quick thinking and heroism, but of course it was Hakadosh Baruch Hu Who saved them.

D. Goodman, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for bringing up this valid point and reminding us to be ever-vigilant.