Legos Memories

Memories. Yes, the article on Legos written by Mrs. Schwartz brought back beautiful memories. Spending Shabbos afternoons with my children and watching them play with Legos was always fascinating. They were able to differentiate and name the colors at a young age, as well as have the patience to make something unique with their Legos. B”H, now I can watch my grandchildren playing with their Legos. In my house we don’t look at Legos like just another toy. We look at the Legos as great memories. I look forward to sharing this Features article with my children to reminisce about the many beautiful hours spent playing with Legos.

Thank you.

Moshe Batalion

Ed. Note: Hamodia welcomes any readers’ submissions regarding their experiences with Lego, whether current, or past memories and/or photos, for a follow-up article.