Lego My Lego? No Way!

I loved the article on “Why Children Never Let Go of Lego.” I myself received my first set around 1980 and have been hooked ever since. Bar mitzvah time had my parents suggesting that it was time to put my Lego toys away. But why? I protested. It’s great for doing math like fractions and being creative like an engineer! Needless to say, they never went away.

Fast-forward to meeting my wife and a question that was asked: “What would be your dream job?” Without hesitation, I replied: “Master Lego builder.” We both laughed at even the thought of it. Today, by Divine Providence, my full-time job is exactly that. Long story short: While I get paid to design and build Lego creations for one company, I have also created a Jewish-themed company using genuine Lego bricks. I seek to create many smiles and create solutions to problems such as how to get a yarmulke on Lego hair. Everyone loves them!

Yitzy Kasowitz