Leaving Poland

I thank you, Hamodia, for the well-written article “Two Moments in Time” (Features, Oct. 31, 2018).

Reading the article, I felt it was written for me, because November 8 was 50 years since I left Poland as a 14-year-old boy with my parents and sister.

I would like to add some more facts to the article:

The leaders of the Student Rebellion were mostly Jews, but their intentions were for the benefit of Poland. They were not Zionists.

On a personal note, I remember that I went with my father in Lodz to the Ministry of Interior to receive passports, and my father was humiliated and stripped of his Polish citizenship. As he signed the documents, he began to cry. My father asked me, “Was I not a good citizen? I was born here.”

The ways of Hashem are deep, and after 50 years I still remember that my father said to me, “I am leaving Poland for you children, not for me.”

As mentioned in the article, the assimilation was very common. In Lodz, my hometown, we were one of the few Jewish marriages that were not mixed marriages.

M. Rozenbaum
Modiin Ilit