Kudos to Hamodia

When I saw the full spread about Rabbi Pinny Lipshutz, I was wowed! I kept repeating to family and friends: Did you see that beautiful tribute to Hamodia’s competitor? This is Hamodia at its best! Hamodia went all out to give him his credit due!

The entire Rubashkin supplement was stupendous. I didn’t get to read it all right away but I finally got through it, every single page. And I relished every single page. Now the Rav Shteinman, zt”l, supplement is beckoning.

I want to commend every new feature, your constant upgrading and adding. The Features is a winner, with Rabbi Schiller’s piece my favorite! The new columns in Inyan are wonderful — Rabbi Grossman and the Shidduch GPS and more. I am positive there is so much more to compliment, but please forgive me. I’d rather fall short than not do it at all for fear of falling short.