The Killing of George Floyd

The response to Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd has, I believe, opened the door to mayhem being the norm as a response to police wrongdoing or perceived wrongdoing. There have basically been three types of responses: peaceful protests by law-abiding citizens; looting, burning and physical harm by evil thugs; and media coverage.

The peaceful protests are understandable and so are, to some degree, the change they demand of police attitudes. But the defunding or eliminating of police departments is the most mindless and ludicrous notion ever suggested in a civilized society. The looting and burning that occurred are just a small sample of what to expect in the absence of a police presence.

What further exacerbates the perception of acceptable lawlessness is the media’s coverage. The non-stop coverage and condemnation of the murder of Floyd is one thing. But the relative dearth of the same type of condemnation of the burning and looting gives the impression that this kind of mayhem is an acceptable form of protest.

If there’s anything terrorists have taught us is that the appeasement of evil never brings peace; it only brings more evil. By appearing to be sympathetic to the looters and rioters, the media has opened the door for mayhem to become a more frequent occurrence

Josh Greenberger