Kibitzing the Lexikibitzer

Thanks so much for Mordechai Schiller’s gevaldige and insightful language articles, in particular, “The Art of the Kibitz” (August 30). I can foresee, as the English speakers in our country see the beauty and geshmak of Yiddish, they will slowly and continuously incorporate more and more words into mainstream English. When they reach the tipping point of 12-15 percent Yiddish, we can suggest the language name to be switched to Yinglish (12.5 percent Yiddish, 87.5 percent English, count the letters).

From there to Yeshivish is not more than a stone’s throw, the distance from Boro Park to Lakewood. Then the lawyers arguing cases in courtrooms would start gesturing with their hands, with thumbs outstretched in circular motions, to bring out and reinforce the pshat of their argument.

Keep up the informative educational entertainment and a kesivah vachasimah tovah.

CBG, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mordechai Schiller responds:

Yasher koyech for your letter. It’s mamash a gevald that you get so much hanaah from my vertlach. (In keeping with the spirit of your letter, I have decided not to bend over backwards. So I’m not using any italics — in celebration of the new Yinglish.)

In the kishron of your letter, you takeh chapped a chashuve aynfal: Why do you think President Trump has so many frume Yidden in his chaburah? It helps make him Maven in Chief.

A gebentchte yahr to you.