‘Jewish Education In Crisis’

I would like to applaud Hamodia’s continuing front-page coverage of New York’s attack on our way of life. I found the interview with Harav Yisroel Reisman especially enlightening. Would Hamodia feature more direct hashkafah messages from Gedolei Torah?

Kindly allow me to clarify one matter. The Rosh Yeshivah called for the acceptance of groups that learn less limudei chol than us. From the language used in the interview, it seems that he has had to contend with disparaging of mosdos who teach very little limudei chol. I wish to report that in all the discussions I have conducted on this matter, I have never come across any negative view of the chassidishe mehalech.

Some time after this crisis broke, I began researching the topic. I discovered, to my surprise, how — unbeknownst to us “Litvaks” — the Williamsburg-type mosdos have been teaching very little limudei chol — by our standards. I have related my discovery to many friends (all not chassidic), and their reaction was unanimous: surprise, bordering on awe. All seemed excited to hear that there is a part of Klal Yisrael — so near, yet so unknown to us — that is still being mechanech their children the way our great-grandfathers did a mere century ago. I hope that no one extrapolates from Rav Reisman’s exhortation to the vocal detractors of chassidishe chinuch that their view is prevalent among Hamodia readers.

Thank you,

Sholom Young