‘In Guns We Trust’?

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with the cover story in Hamodia Prime, January 15, “Do Guns Really Keep Us Safer?”

The situation as it exists was analyzed and presented in a well-written, balanced way. But equally important is that the piece contains material you will never see in a secular writeup of the situation: Torah hashkafah. Reading the words of Harav Lieff and Harav Schlesinger put my emotions back on track, because I, too, in the wake of these attacks, have been feeling like we are sitting ducks.

It is important to read statements like, “The truth of what should be coming out of these tragedies is getting lost,” and, “Where is the Jew who changed his daily schedule to have more time for Torah and avodah because of … these tragedies?”

In the ’90s we lived quite far out of town, and to keep our sanity we subscribed to the Jewish Observer. I always treasured how that magazine presented current events through the lens of daas Torah. Well, I also felt that quality when I read Hamodia’s article this week. It was a great relief to read real, elevating Jewish reactions on such an important matter.

The article should be required reading for all in the Jewish community.

Batya Belinsky