In Every Generation

Dear Congresswoman Omar,

This is the season of Passover. In times past, all over the world, Jews had to celebrate Passover in secret because “in every generation,” the nations would “rise up against us to annihilate us.” This was especially true on our Jewish holidays… or on their Christian holidays… or, as continues today in the Middle East, on their Muslim holidays.

Passover is the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday throughout the entire world. Well over 90 percent of all Israeli Jews, even those who are very secular, celebrate Passover.

The words “but in every generation they rise up against us to annihilate us,” describes Jewish history for well over 3,000 years. It is no different today in the Jewish State of Israel.

The avowed purpose of countless Islamist groups is to annihilate the Jewish State of Israel. This line from the Haggadah is Jewish reality today.

Congresswoman Omar, your family fled your native Somalia to the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya when you were ten years old because your people were murdering each other by the hundreds of thousands. That area of Kenya was originally part of ethnic Somalia, so your family was essentially seeking refuge in their own land among their own people.

Eventually, you were fortunate enough to be able to emigrate to the largest Somali community in the U.S., Minnesota, where you became an American citizen, able to rise up and represent all the people of our 5th Congressional District.

Imagine if you will that all of Africa had been trying to wipe out all Somalis. Imagine if you will a baby being seized in front of you and having your enemy casually smash the baby’s head against a wall; or playfully throwing the baby in the air to catch it on a bayonet. Imagine all your family; all your people being herded into extermination chambers to be butchered; to be buried or burned alive; to be murdered by the millions.

Now imagine that after this Hutu/Tutsi Rwandan-like genocide against your people stopped and you tried to return home – the people living in your house refused to leave and, as a matter of fact, tried to kill you again…

Imagine your people having nowhere to go – except perhaps to your people in Kenya; to places like the Dadaab Refugee Camp.

And now, imagine that all of Africa once more tried to slaughter you, claiming that Somalis had no right to live in former Somali Kenya – at all….

In every generation, nations and individuals have risen up to annihilate the Jews – no matter where they lived.

Jews living under the Ottoman Empire or in the British Mandate of Palestine in the Land of Israel were being murdered long before there was ever a Jewish State of Israel.

The Jews who came from Europe after the State of Israel was established climbed out of oceans of blood to try and create a new life with the Jews of Israel, away from the fires of destruction, only to find themselves once more engulfed in the fires of Arab and Muslim hatreds.

However, just as Jews have done for over 3,000 years, Israel has grown stronger and prospered and become mighty, despite all this horror.

Your Jewish constituents in our 5th Congressional District, my friends and neighbors, do have, as you have pointedly noted, very strong ties to Israel and Israelis. These ties are even forged stronger when all Jews celebrate together, worldwide, on Passover, our freedom from slavery; G-d’s Victory over our enemies; and the forging of the Jewish Nation.

I hope that you can reflect on your redemption from your wretched situation in your native Somalia, to being raised up to be a free American Congresswoman and praise G-d, as do we Jews when we thank G-d for all the miracles and wonders He has done for us.

Should you wish to discuss these matters further, I would be more than happy to meet with you or put you in contact with someone with whom you might feel more comfortable.

Your constituent,

George Moshe Murray
St. Louis Park, mn