Holocaust Survivors

Regardless of whether one’s particular minhag is to recite the Kinos for the victims of the Holocaust on Tishah B’Av, all agree that this is a most appropriate time of year to educate ourselves — and our children — about the six million Kedoshim. Along with my daughters, I went to see an emotional documentary about Jewish children who were hidden by gentiles during the war.

While there was much to learn from their stories, perhaps the most pressing message I came away with was the need to chap arein — to do all we can to bask in the presence of the dwindling number of survivors.

When I was a teenager — only 25 years ago — most of the elderly people I knew were survivors. Most of my friends had at least one grandparent alive who was a survivor, and some of us were children of survivors ourselves.

The other day, I was astounded to discover that my children know only two Holocaust survivors, one a family member, the other, an elderly man in shul!

Let us do all we can to help those survivors whom we still merit to have in our generation, and to hear their stories and record them for the generations to come.