Hidden in Plain Sight

I very much enjoy reading your paper every week. I find it to be the most mature Jewish newspaper for English-speakers.

The homeless problem has been on my mind for a while. Thank you very much for bringing it up. I’ve always said to myself that when I have the means I’ll do something about it. Currently, I don’t have the means. However, I do daven for the homeless every time I see one, when I remember.

On a brighter note, I’m from Montreal and there’s a fellow who hangs around in the shuls. To the best of my knowledge, he has never hurt a soul. Sometimes he opens a sefer but it doesn’t seem like he’s actually learning, though you never know. Other times he’s pacing the batei medrash talking to himself.

He does have one peculiarity: After seudah shelishis or any other shul event where there’s food, you can find him collecting all the food. It makes sense for a homeless guy who may be hungry — but he seems to take a lot of food. Still, you never know.

Someone told me that one Pesach he asked for a ride to a specific street in downtown Montreal. He explained there’s a homeless shelter over there and he knows there are Jews in it. He said that if he drops off food that’s kosher l’Pesach, they’ll eat less chametz