Hashem Is Our Protector

I found your article on David’s Sling, “Sealing Off Israel’s Skies,” exciting. Could it be that Israel developed a missile-interception system that will virtually “shut off Israel’s skies to its enemies”?

That initial excitement, however, gave way to uneasiness. Is Israel truly protected now — in the skies, at the very least? Putting aside terror tunnels, car rammings, stabbings, and a multitude of other venues that our enemies have for murder, will Israel be secure from missiles because of David’s Sling? Without enumerating modern technology’s many vulnerabilities, the very notion that we can rely on ANYTHING is fallacious, as well as dangerous. It is the refrain of our history that anything we trust in, other than Hashem, will fail us. To counterbalance the over-confident tone of the article, I am writing this letter to affirm that David’s Sling does not make Israel “safe.”

“If Hashem will not guard a city, in vain will the watchman be diligent.”

F. R.