Harav Yankel Teitelbaum, Zt”l

Thank you for the beautiful and meaningful tribute to my father, Harav Yankel Teitelbaum, zt”l, of Kew Gardens. Although the article was concise, you mentioned so much within the constraints of the word count!

Yes, it would take a book to write all that my siblings and I observed and heard from others about our unforgettable father.

Let me just correct one mistake in the piece: While my father was a baki in the laws of mikvaos, he did not write a sefer on the topic. There is a sefer called Kol Yaakov, published posthumously. It contains selected passages from my father’s drashos, which describe the roots and breadth of his hashkafos. He was a powerful influence on many individuals in prewar Vienna and later in Kew Gardens and Camp Agudah, inspiring their hashkafas hachaim and derech in life.

My father was an ish emes. There was no compromising when it came to the truth of Torah.

I can also personally relate how both my parents were sonei betza, as was mentioned in the article. Every penny earned from shul donations was reported on their annual tax forms. Paper goods and other supplies used for the shul were kept separate from household items, and were never touched for private use.

Let me conclude with compliments for Hamodia. It is extremely informative, interesting and entertaining; my family and I have enjoyed it since its inception.

Wishing you much hatzlachah always,


Miriam (Teitelbaum) Leiser
Brooklyn, NY