Hakaras Hatov From a Former Talmid in Bayonne

I greatly appreciated Rabbi Karman’s article, “ Behind the Scenes of Back to School” (Prime, Sept. 4, 2019).

As an alumnus and former talmid of Yeshiva Gedolah of Bayonne, I can personally attest to the amazing dedication of Rabbi Velvel Finkelstein to the yeshivah. Besides the important brick-and-mortar upgrades that he discussed in the interview, he is also known among the yeshivah bachurim for his sensitivity to their personal needs.

Whether it’s bringing Shabbos treats to a lonely bachur, dropping a few dollars into a poor bachur’s pocket, or arranging chavrusos and mentors for those who need them, “Reb Velvel,” as he is affectionately called, can always be counted on to assist and cheer up the talmidim. Being a modest person, he would obviously not mention any of this in the interview. But as a small expression of hakaras hatov, I do feel an obligation to bring his kindnesses to light.

Thank you.

Baruch R., LAKEWOOD, N.J.