A Greater Threat to Lyme Sufferers?

As one who has explored this subject in depth, I commend Hamodia for its evenhanded feature “Ticked Off” (July 5), which presented differing perspectives responding to the CDC’s condemnation of chronic Lyme disease and Lyme-Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs). I was particularly interested in Hamodia’s interview with Dr. Kenneth Liegner, LLMD, who asserted that as the CDC rejects the ideology of chronic Lyme disease’s existence, the agency would refute any treatment as unjustified.

I have interviewed many severely ill and desperate chronic Lyme disease patients who suffer a devastatingly poor quality of life. After treatment, some patients recovered, while others remained chronically ill, but the costly long-term antibiotic and holistic remedies help to ameliorate their symptoms. Obviously, as when seeking any other disease-treating specialist, chronic Lyme disease patients must seek out a competent, experienced LLMD clinician to provide their medical care.

Most patients stricken with a debilitating disease will struggle to improve their health, despite the expenses incurred. Moreover, all treatment, no matter how insignificant, may harbor risks that might harm some patients, although many others do benefit from those therapies and even regain their health. Similarly, terminally ill cancer patients who have failed lengthy courses of toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments often go on to participate in experimental and costly therapies where successful outcomes are unproven.

Unfortunately, it seems that the CDC’s blistering denunciation of chronic Lyme disease and of LLMDs might yet pose a greater threat for such patients than the scourge of chronic Lyme disease itself.

Rachel Isaacson, author of [ 2015] two-part series “Lyme in the LIMElight”