Good Simchos Come in Small Packages

I was really excited to see the letter last week about the beauty of small weddings. I was zocheh to make a chasunah during the corona crisis when all halls were canceling due to legal restrictions. We were canceled on Sunday, and the wedding date was for Wednesday.

I will not go into all the details of how we got there, baruch Hashem, but we had a great baal chessed who took care of all the arrangements and we had a beautiful simchah.

In attendance were our nearest and dearest relatives only.

There was music, a singer, a badchan, flowers, food and everything else that we needed. We actually felt and said that we would love to do this again for our next child, iy”H.

Everyone could feel the kedushah and simchah. And we all came home feeling privileged to have been chosen to make such a simchah.

May we all be zocheh to learn the lessons that we are being taught and may they remain with us, so that we can merit the Geulah sheleimah bimheirah.

Name withheld