Getting the Message

After living in Israel for more than four decades, I didn’t think anything could really get me agitated anymore — until I saw the blazing billboards reading “We are liberating the Kosel — Enough with chareidi domination.” These rabble-rousers know of no boundaries and their chutzpah is incredible.

As you pointed out in the editorial of Monday’s daily paper, these billboards were funded by the American-based Jewish Federation. While there is much work that can and must be done here in Eretz Yisrael, the primary battle needs to be waged in the United States.

The Reform community here is minuscule. This entire campaign of hate, discord and incitement is being funded and directed in America. It is crucial that the Torah community in the United States respond by sending a strong and unequivocal message to the Reform movement: Leave our Kosel alone.

How would the Reform movement react if massive billboards appeared on the highways and byways of America, reading, l’havdil, “We are liberating their temples. Enough with dominion of the Reform?”

Would they get the message if massive billboards appeared, with huge images of the Kosel plaza filled with daily mispallelim, side by side, with an image of the empty egalitarian section graced by — as one recent irreligious visitor described it — a solitary cat?

It is vital that the lies being so freely spread via the mainstream media are responded to, and the real facts are exposed. For this never was about the Kosel, a site that the Reform don’t even believe in and rarely if ever visit. This battle is simply an attempt by the Reform to stay relevant by devoting all their energies to battle Torah Jewry.

Amram Rubin, Yerushalayim