From My Cave to … Yours?

In response to the letter of Fay S. (“Off Limits,” October 18, p. 2): You belong to the Stone Ages — and so do I!

I am from out of town; however, we did have a nice chareidi crowd. We spent Chol Hamoed by going to the museum, which was both educational and within moral standards, going to the park and basking in the natural elements which the Ribbono shel Olam, in His infinite kindness, bestowed upon us, or going to the civic center and watching the court proceedings. Guess what? We enjoyed ourselves, learned something and, last but not least, did not bust the modest pockets of our parents. Not only did we survive; we actually thrived. The rides that today’s generation demands are not only prohibitive in cost, they are so wild and rough you have to recite Tefillas Haderech before each one. No joke! And the other venues some people go to? They don’t realize how they poison the young minds of their beloved children whom they make sure to send to sterling mosdos. One minute at these venues can, chas v’shalom, destroy a whole year of the education for which you paid a hefty price.

And, nebach, we hear how young yeshivah boys at the age of 18 are seriously hurt while driving cars. Parents, anybody home? Are you out of your minds allowing this to happen? You really think you love your children by giving them unlimited credit card use and allowing them to do as their young, inexperienced hearts please?

I guess I am a ancient skeleton who indeed belongs to the Stone Age. Baruch Hashem, my children followed too.

D. F.